My work encompasses a diverse collection of topics, incorporating influences from Baroque and Renaissance painting as well as from popular media (internet, film stills, and animation). Inspired by these sources, I focus on the relationship between the flatness of the photographic image as it is perceived in pop-culture, mainly through screens, and the use of traditional practices.

My paintings suggest an alternative way of analyzing this flatness: using a small image as a starting point, I seek to confront the flatness of the photograph with the warmth of the wooden surface by rendering it in oil with thin layers of paint, that play on the tension between flatness and depth. 


Employing technical and conceptual motifs from the Baroque era, which plays an inherent role in my oeuvre, my current works present the image in its dissolving condition/occurrence across the painting surface.  In this regard, my works address the question of stability: on the one hand, everything within them is surrounded by a halo, or frozen in space and time –but ultimately, something within them always seems to be falling apart.